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Re: Are there other derivatives based on Debian Testing?

On Fri, 17 Jul 2015, Paul Wise wrote:
> > aptitude -t sid upgrade foo
> FYI, I spoke to the piuparts maintainer and he is in principle not
> opposed to a partial-upgrade test for testing2sid. My main question is
> if this would help with the sorts of problems testing-based
> derivatives are finding. Once that is answered we can file a bug on
> piuparts.

Yes, although you would want to test the upgrade not of individual binary
packages but from all the binary packages of the same source (since they
migrate to testing as a whole with their source package).

This would certainly be useful problems to detect. The hard part is
running that soon enough and filing the appropriate RC bugs soon enough
so that the broken behaviour.

And you want to test not only the upgrade but also the initial installation.
So in one case, you start with a testing chroot with the packages
installed, and in the other case you start with a testing chroot without
the package installed.

You want to solve all dependencies in testing except those that can only
be satisfied in sid. So "-t sid" is not really appropriate as a first

You want "apt-get -t testing install pkg1/sid pkg2/sid". If that fails at the
dependency resolution process (test with "-s" first?), then we might want
to allow solving dependencies in sid. But when you can upgrade without
pulling anything from sid, that scenario should be tested.

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