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bug versioning and ignored NMUs Bug#111068: fw: Degrees Based On Your Knowlege Bug#139936: Has anyone told you about this? Bug#139936: Number ONE home based program Bug#140061: Government Funding Available Bug#158801: Offering Credit Loans with options. Bug#191306: Debbugs bug which caused this bug to be corrupted has been fixed Bug#191306: Fixing this class of bug and consolidating the code that calls sendmessage Bug#191306: Testing the initial patch to fix sendmail failing breaking the bug log Bug#211065: It Works GGreat Bug#219230: debbugs: want X-Debian-PR-Source-Package, a la X-D-P-P Bug#227628: marked as done (debbugs: Mail to -submitter addresses does not work for archived bugs.) Bug#24564: Are we ever going to support the static pages again? Bug#320986: debbugs: would like bug numbers in "Closes: #" text linked to the bugs Bug#322719: Bad bug log for Bug 297579 Bug#322931: allow for commands to be specified on new bug in submission email debian package bug reporting? order request Processed: Mailaddress Housekeeping Processed: merging 191306 320686 Processed: merging 191306 322719 Processed: Merging these with the other sendmail munged my bug logs Processed: Re: Bug#322826: Mail link behind bug number as first link in single bug page Processed: Re: Processed: Re: Bug#324146: broken bug #307492 Processed: reassign and change severity Processed: reassign and merge the forcemerge bug Processed: setting package to debbugs, tagging 191306 Processed: tagging 14043 Using debbugs with postfix The last update was on 08:24 GMT Sun May 19. There are 37 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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