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Bug#191306: Fixing this class of bug and consolidating the code that calls sendmessage

In order to fix this bug I plan on doing the following:

1) Making a new Debbugs::Mail package which contains the code to
actually send messages via sendmail. I'm plan on moving the outgoing
mail specific functions there as well from errorlib.

2) Have the new send_mail_message function first try to send to all
recipients, then, if that fails, attempt to send the message to each
recipient separately.

If that still fails, either note that fact in the html record (not
sure if that's a good idea) or just warn and continue on.

As far as #1 goes, while I think it should be in a separate module,
I'm open to being convinced that some other location besides a new one
is ideal.

As far as #2 goes, writing an html record for an error condition in
sending the message seems suboptimal to me; however we do do that for
things like missing subjects... so it's not unprecedented. I'd almost
vote for just dumping the error to STDERR and continuing on.

Anyway, let me know if that sounds reasonable.

Don Armstrong

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