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Re: Using debbugs with postfix

Thanks for the help!

The process is:

 mta -> receive -> mail stored in spool/incoming/I<code>
    take a message from spool/incoming/I<code>
    based on <code> run it through process or service
    mail goes into the database and is visible on the web site

If you disable processall, and send a test mail, it should show up in
the spool/incoming directory -- if so, your MTA is working fine. If not,
your MTA isn't running receive properly, or debbugs isn't configured
right and receive's not working.

Hmm, I deleted the crontab for the time being and the mail is, in fact, _not_ appearing in spool/incoming, although I'm not getting mail bounced either. This is something I will have to look into.

I was also wondering what the gMailer
value in the config file should be set to, since postfix is none of the
three "acceptable" values.

"sendmail" I'd expect; it depends on how receive is being invoked --
there's special casing for exim and qmail.

Sendmail is what I was using for the gMailer, however, so that's a good sign.

These days, debbugs isn't really well setup for use by people other than
Debian; maybe you'd be interested in recording any problems you
experience in a blog, or a series of emails or similar, so we've got
some idea what are the more pressing issues?

At lcsee, we are managing our own distribution of debian packages for use internally-- everything is wonderfully modular so that any given machine can do anything that we want it to simply by doing an "apt-get install lcsee-appropriate-package". It's truely a wonderful system.

Anyway, we are already using request tracker to handle our departmental job assignments, etc, but debbugs would make a nice addition to our department by giving us an easier method to track the bugs in our local distribution. All that, and my boss gave me a ticket to set up debbugs, so I'm setting up debbugs. :)

Are you going from CVS or the .deb or something else?

Ah, all our machines are running on ubuntu, and we're very into packaging here so... I'm using debbugs from the .deb. Would you advise my switching over to CVS, though?

Thanks again for your time!

// Jonathan R. Lynch
// WVU LCSEE Systems
// mad pwner of noobs

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