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Using debbugs with postfix

Grettings all,

First off, I'd like to apologize if this is an inappropriate place to ask for help, but in my searching this list seemed the best bet.

I am trying to set up a debbugs system for the computer science department at West Virginia University. The mta I prefer to use (it's the departmental standard) is postfix. Unfortunatly, postfix is not one of the default options for debbugs configuration.

I found in the docs a short guide to debbugs setup with postfix - which I followed - but regrettably the system is not working. Test bug reports that I send to my debbugs machine seem to be getting "swallowed". I'm not getting any mailer-daemon spam, so the messages _are_ getting delivered; but they are not showing up when I try to list the bugs using the web interface.

Does anyone have any hot tips? I was also wondering what the gMailer value in the config file should be set to, since postfix is none of the three "acceptable" values.

Thank you for your time!

// Jonathan R. Lynch
// WVU LCSEE Systems
// mad pwner of noobs

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