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Bug#219230: debbugs: want X-Debian-PR-Source-Package, a la X-D-P-P

* Daniel Stone [Wed, 05 Nov 2003 17:43:21 +1100]:

> Hi,
> For some reason, I subscribed myself to the apache2 PTS a while ago. I
> think this was a bad idea. I'm also subscribed to the xfree86 PTS (via
> debian-x), and I'm honestly getting sick of all the BTS mail crowding
> me. I'd like to shunt it off into separate folders, but there's too many
> binary packages from xfree86 (soon to get much, much worse) to reliably
> do this.

> So, could we please have an X-Debian-PR-Source-Package header, for
> people to be able to do even better filtering?

  I'd _love_ to see this implemented (anything I can bribe with? :P).
  Nowadays, bug traffic in debian-qt-kde@l.d.o is unmanageable and
  hardly classificable by binary package (16 source packages produce
  276 binary packages).

  Thanks in advance,

Adeodato Simó
    EM: asp16 [ykwim] alu.ua.es | PK: DA6AE621
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