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Re: Using debbugs with postfix

On Tue, Aug 30, 2005 at 02:42:19PM -0400, jlynch wrote:
> First off, I'd like to apologize if this is an inappropriate place to ask 
> for help, but in my searching this list seemed the best bet.

Seems reasonable to me.

> I am trying to set up a debbugs system for the computer science department 
> at West Virginia University. The mta I prefer to use (it's the 
> departmental standard) is postfix. Unfortunatly, postfix is not one of the 
> default options for debbugs configuration.

So, first off, I don't know postfix, and though I tried to learn once, I
gave up because it scared me.

> I found in the docs a short guide to debbugs setup with postfix - which I 
> followed - but regrettably the system is not working. Test bug reports 
> that I send to my debbugs machine seem to be getting "swallowed". I'm not 
> getting any mailer-daemon spam, so the messages _are_ getting delivered; 
> but they are not showing up when I try to list the bugs using the web 
> interface.

The process is:

  mta -> receive -> mail stored in spool/incoming/I<code>
     take a message from spool/incoming/I<code>
     based on <code> run it through process or service
     mail goes into the database and is visible on the web site

> Does anyone have any hot tips?

If you disable processall, and send a test mail, it should show up in
the spool/incoming directory -- if so, your MTA is working fine. If not,
your MTA isn't running receive properly, or debbugs isn't configured
right and receive's not working.

> I was also wondering what the gMailer 
> value in the config file should be set to, since postfix is none of the 
> three "acceptable" values.

"sendmail" I'd expect; it depends on how receive is being invoked --
there's special casing for exim and qmail.

These days, debbugs isn't really well setup for use by people other than
Debian; maybe you'd be interested in recording any problems you
experience in a blog, or a series of emails or similar, so we've got
some idea what are the more pressing issues?

Are you going from CVS or the .deb or something else?



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