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Technical Committee decision Re: Name of [the] x86-64/AMD64 port

Thanks to everyone for your contributions, and to the voting committee
members for your votes.  The Technical Committee has passed the
following resolution:

 The Technical Committee have considered the question of the name of
 the Debian x86-64/AMD64 port.  We resolve that:

  * In our opinion the porting team are the right people to be deciding
    on the architecture name, in general.
  * In our opinion there is no significant technical reason to
    interfere with the porting team's decision; on the contrary, we
    largely agree with the porting team's choice of `amd64'.
  * In our opinion architecture names with underscores in should not be
    used because of the existing use of underscore as a separator in
    package filenames, etc.; accordingly we advise that these should be
  * Since names with hyphens in are currently only used when separating
    variant kernel-processor combinations, we advise that this practice
    should be continued.
  * Therefore, insofar as we are granted any authority by the
    constitution, we uphold the porting team's choice of `amd64'.
  * We request that dpkg should be changed to use `amd64'.
    Should the dpkg maintainers decline, we will seek clarification of
    the Constitution and consider using our powers in 6.1(1), 6.1(2) or
    6.1(4) to overrule the dpkg maintainers.

Votes in favour: Wichert, Raul, Guy, Manoj, Ian.
No votes against.  Because the outcome was no longer in doubt, the
voting period has finished early, before Bdale or Jason voted.

I'll reassign the bug to dpkg, since there's an outstanding action
there, and will update the committee web page.


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