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Re: [ssta@clothcat.org: Re: c/r for nonsubscribers Re: Posting on the list [pasc@murphy.debian.org: Re: md5sum <FILE produces spurious ` -' in output]]

On Wed, Jun 02, 2004 at 09:49:05AM +1000, Pascal Hakim wrote:
> I've seen figures as high as 85% of email to Debian lists being spam
> talked about.  No more than 1% of that hits my inbox.  That's impressive.
> Spam mails fake headers anyway, a c-r system would not stop the spam,
> it would just make it harder for people with real reasons to use the
> lists to post.

While it's true that a c/r system which whitelists senders is spoofable,
that's not a characteristic of all c/r systems.

For example:

a c/r system which only lets a single message through for each c/r

a c/r system which whitelists pgp keys (allowing through messages signed
by them).

Both of these require a significantly higher commitment to dealing with
incoming email than current spammers have exhibitted.


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