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Bug#254598: Name of the Debian x86-64/AMD64 port

On Tue, 2004-06-15 at 18:17 -0500, Chris Cheney wrote:

> This is not an issue of just marketing, all documentation referred to by
> the other os/dists (besides Fedora) call its amd64. The only os/dists
> that call it x86_64 are ones running a particular version of rpm as you
> have clearly stated before. Even the LSB calls it amd64 everywhere and
> only requires that compliant dists be able to install x86_64 lsb rpms.
> Also, as you have already made clear Debian can't realistically use
> x86_64 and since no one else uses x86-64 the clear winner here is amd64.
As discussed, if x86_64 is not acceptable then I feel x86-64 is close
enough.  If we're going to change it entirely we may as well use the
"fred" name that #debian-devel have all agreed on :o)

> 1. GNU refers to both x86_64-*-* and amd64-*-*
Where?  The *only* amd64 reference in config.guess is for OpenBSD.
config.sub explicitly changes "amd64" to "x86_64"

descent scott% grep -i -A1 amd64 /usr/share/misc/config.*
/usr/share/misc/config.guess:    amd64:OpenBSD:*:*)
/usr/share/misc/config.guess-   echo x86_64-unknown-openbsd${UNAME_RELEASE}
/usr/share/misc/config.sub:     amd64)
/usr/share/misc/config.sub-             basic_machine=x86_64-pc
/usr/share/misc/config.sub:     amd64-*)
/usr/share/misc/config.sub-             basic_machine=x86_64-`echo $basic_machine | sed 's/^[^-]*-//'`

> "I believe that naming the architecture "amd64" when the Kernel and
> Toolchain they're using calls it "x86_64" is even more confusing!
> *Especially* for people using Intel chips."
> As mentioned above the toolchain uses both naming, x86_64-*-* and
> amd64-*-*.
No it doesn't, not on Linux.

> The "kernel" being only the Linux kernel using x86_64 and the
> other kernels, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD all using amd64. So that's 3:1
> in favor of using amd64 for the name. Unless we are going to have
> different names for the arch for the different debian ports?
We have that situation already.

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