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Bug#254598: Name of the Debian x86-64/AMD64 port

On Wed, 2004-06-16 at 12:42 -0400, Raul Miller wrote:

> I don't see any reason why dpkg can't support both x86-64 and amd64.
> This would look slightly ugly when displaying known architectures but
> that's not a technical issue.
At the moment dpkg has no idea of architecture equivalence.  It's
certainly something I'd *like* to have for it (for multi-arch,
especially) but that's going to be a while off for now.

When done you could certainly just install x86-64.deb or amd64.deb on
the same machine, as it'd know they were both compatible with it.

Right now it sees them as totally different architectures, so you'd need
--force-architecture to install one of them.

Plus that doesn't resolve which gets picked by dpkg-architecture when
you *build* a package.

> The real issue is probably the archive issue.  We could have both a
> Contents-x86-64.gz and a Content-amd64.gz which list the same files,
> but the implications of supporting this over time are troubling.
This would only be needed for apt, that (like dpkg-dev) picks an
architecture based on what it sees running on the current system (using
config,guess) and uses that forever after.

That's a mapping from x86_64 (the GNU bit) to the name of the files it
downloads -- so we'd only need one *anyway*.

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