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Bug#254598: Name of the Debian x86-64/AMD64 port

On Wed, Jun 16, 2004 at 12:42:57PM -0400, Raul Miller wrote:
> Here's the main issues as I see them:
> [1] Existing body of work/historical precedence -- we've already got
> a bunch of packages with "amd64" in the name and a dpkg with x86-64
> hardcoded in it (specifically, in dpkg-architecture.pl in the hash
> %archtable we have the key "x86-64" and the value "x86_64-linux").

Official dpkg doesn't support the arch in any way currently but hundreds
of packages have been patched to support "amd64" already. All of that
work for the port would have to be redone. Also, all 8600+ packages
would have to be recompiled as well. The patch to dpkg is only 2 lines

> [2] Possible future implementations of the x86-64 architecture.
> It's almost completely certain that intel will be releasing a non-amd64
> implementation.

Actually from what Intel has released information wise their arch is
exactly the same as "amd64" arch except for hypertheading, at least from
what I have read of it. Also, I have not seen any claims to the contrary.
When Intel announced their support of the arch but called it different
many people reviewed the Intel spec to actually see if they changed
anything and found nothing different other than Hyperthreading. They
just didn't want to give AMD the credit for developing the arch so
changed the name.

> [3] Compatability with some sorts of automated processes.  ?????  Other
> than [1] I don't know of any such processes.  Is anyone aware of such?

Supposedly "x86_64" would break DAK and some of the mirroring scripts
people use.

> [5] The "other distributions and organizations" aspect -- there's ample
> precedence for amd64 and for x86-64 and for x86_64.

There is no precedence for "x86-64" nothing uses it period. The only
argument for it is that its similiar to "x86_64" but imho thats a
detriment since it would cause confusion in scripts that need to refer
to both the toolchain name "x86_64" and the debian "x86-64" name. People
would end up typoing it.


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