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acct-5-10 and last-5-10 adduser-1.94-2 released adduser-1.94-3 released ae-493-5 uploaded ae-493-6 uploaded (oops) at 2.9a-1: various minor changes base package updated bc-1.03-8 uploaded bison-A2.5-0 bleeding-edge kernel and boot floppies uploaded boot-floppies updated cron 3.0pl1-21: checksecurity fix, other minor changes diff-2.7-5 uploaded dosemu-0.60.3-0.deb uploaded dpkg 1.0.0: no longer BETA, fix for NIS problem dpkgname 0.3 has a manpage dpkgname 0.3 was wrong here is 00.4 ed 0.2-6 uploaded ed-0.2-7 uploaded ed-0.2-8 uploaded Re: elf-efence anyone? (was: C++ with elf-gcc-2.7.0.deb) Re: elf-electric-fence-2.0.5-2 uploaded fvwm-1.24r-8 git-4.3.7-4 uploaded Hyperlatex update iamerican-3.1.18-3 ibritish-3.1.18-3 indent-1.9.1-12 uploaded ispell-3.1.18-4 mailx-8.1-5 released mirror-2.8 released miscutils updated miscutils updated again more base floppies netbase-1.19-1 uploaded ... netbase-1.20-1 uploaded ... netstd-1.19-1 uploaded .... netstd-1.20-1 uploaded ... netstd-1.21-1 uploaded ... New iamerican dictionary New ibritish dictionary New ispell source and diffs New package available new package watch-1.0-1 New revision of minicom... New revision of unclutter-0.8-1 uploaded RSPF daemon updated sendmail-8.6.12-8 sharutils-4.1-7 uploaded svgalib 1.28-1 uploaded sysklogd-1.2-13 released sysklogd-1.2-16 uploaded sysklogd emergency hacks texbin Unidentified subject! vm 5.59beta-1 uploaded xypic 3.2-3 wait wait until mflib 1.0-6 is there Xypic update You are subscribed to the debian-changes mailing list The last update was on 19:04 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 65 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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