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bleeding-edge kernel and boot floppies uploaded

Here's the 1.3.37 kernel for those with PCI SCSI and other special needs.
This kernel will not make a PPP connection on my system - no doubt the
kernel folks will fix it before I would have time to debug it.



Date:  Sat Oct 28 17:41:01 PDT 1995
Package:  image
Version:  1.3.37-0
Description:  Linux kernel binary image.
Priority: low, unless you have hardware that needs this.
 Here's the 1.3.37 "bleeding edge" kernel for those who need features
 not supported by 1.2.13 . Boot floppies for 1200 and 1440 disks and
 "image", "source" and "includes" packages are provided.
# File: <name> <size> <md5sum> <destination>
File: image-1.3.37-0.deb 1335367 5d74c1bcd75a58e894beeda9e60f0ca6 binary/base
File: includes-1.3.37-0.deb 414802 a21702aa80191da486a290ac67f5535e binary/devel
File: source-1.3.37-0.deb 3399321 1e9d18fb4bb2fef396ca1ca3035833aa binary/devel
File: kernel-source-1.3.37-0.diff.gz 115346 7362d762aa16d48c54d4ea1e54fd0c82 source/devel
File: kernel-source-1.3.37-0.tar.gz 3398942 619f396fcbabefc7f62f50a1b02ef990 source/devel
File: 1.3.37-1200_boot.gz 836313 a57da637bb640017a986a2aacab1e359 disks/alt
File: 1.3.37-1440_boot.gz 836964 dc990948335148ee516f5e4fabd32cd3 disks/alt

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