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New revision of unclutter-0.8-1 uploaded

unclutter - hides the mouse in X11 after a period of inactivity

 unclutter is a program which runs permanently in the background of an X11
 session.  It checks on the X11 pointer (cursor) position every few
 seconds, and when it finds it has not moved (and no buttons
 are pressed on the mouse, and the cursor is not in the root window)
 it hides the mouse cursor.  It restores the mouse cursor when the mouse
 is moved or when a mouse button is hit.

unclutter-0.8-1.deb	6520
unclutter-0.8-1.tar.gz	14384
unclutter-0.8-1.diff.gz	8263

9c6ca1af903591f1a403b3f87c4d62a2  unclutter-0.8-1.deb
62b2461de5b9b5b5631d108d0cd613e7  unclutter-0.8-1.tar.gz
f17b935576daf17fee4c8aa2292c0b4b  unclutter-0.8-1.diff.gz

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