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Re: location of jigdo files for NON-US testing images of sarge dvds

Richard Atterer <richard@2005.atterer.net> writes:

> I noticed that the FAQ answer at <http://www.debian.org/CD/faq/#nonus> is
> no longer fully accurate - any suggestions as to how I could reword it?

What's missing without non-US? In short (details below):

erlang-slang gutenbook httperf libcrypt-des-perl netsaint-nrpe
netsaint-plugins tunnelv [+non-free pgp5i rsaref2]

[and zmailer-ssl but zmailer has ssl support now]

With a source size of *wow* 1 Mib free and 1 Mib non-free.

Andreas Barth had the following to say to this in Sep. 2004:

Summary: non-US has only one package left: pgp5i



Lets check what actualy is in non-US in detail:

% zcat main/source/Sources.gz | grep-dctrl "" -n -s Package,Version | xargs -n2 echo
erlang                        1:8.0-4
erlang-slang                  1.0-3
freeswan                      1.96-1.2
gutenbook                     0.1.10-4
gutenbrowser                  3:
httperf                       0.8-1
libcrypt-des-perl             2.03-2
netsaint-nrpe                 1.2.4-4
pavuk                         0.9pl28-2
pgpgpg                        0.13-3
php4-mcrypt                   3:4.1.1-3
pipsecd                       1:19990511-25
ssh-askpass                   1:1.2.0-2.1
tunnelv                       1.00-11.1
vtun                          2.6-3
zmailer-ssl                   2.99.55-3

% zcat contrib/source/Sources.gz | grep-dctrl "" -n -s Package,Version | xargs -n2 echo

% zcat non-free/source/Sources.gz | grep-dctrl "" -n -s Package,Version | xargs -n2 echo
pgp5i                         5.0-8
rsaref2                       19940415-3

Now lets compare against what of those we have without non-US:

% apt-cache showsrc erlang erlang-slang freeswan gutenbook gutenbrowser httperf rypt-des-perl netsaint-nrpe netsaint-plugins pavuk pgpgpg php4-mcrypt pipsecd ssh-askpass tunnelv vtun zmailer-ssl pgp5i rsaref2  | grep-dctrl "" -n -s Package,Version | xargs -n2 echo
erlang                        1:9.2.2-6
freeswan                      2.04-11.3
pavuk                         0.9pl28-3.1
pgpgpg                        0.13-8
php4-mcrypt                   3:4.2.3-10
pipsecd                       1:19990511-27
ssh-askpass                   1:
vtun                          2.6-4

And one more only in sid:
gutenbrowser                  3:

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