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Re: new debian-cd release needed for sarge

> I'll take a look shortly. I'm snowed under for today/tomorrow, but I
> should be OK at the weekend.

Ummm I think we should also update the tasks on debian-cd with up to date
ones, shouldn't we?

I'll try to take a look at that tomorrow if time permits.

> >Also, I noticed that the mips netinst CDs seem to lack any kernel debs,
> >which is a pretty bad bug.
> Ouch, yes. Manty might know more about that, I hope...

Well, it wasn't mips but arm, as joeyh told me on irc, I did the changes at
gluck before the weekend and it seems they worked out well, so I have just
commited the changes to the generate script, but we still miss the tasks
changes, I suppose that these should go in together with an update of the
tasks as well.

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