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Re: web pages


by all means, leave some stuff in the images/ dir, but...

On Thu, Jan 03, 2002 at 12:24:46AM +0100, Josip Rodin wrote:
> Well, it does also make sense to separate the stuff that's for
> normal images and for the other things, it's separated logically
> already (check the new www.d.o/CD/ page -- I've made it even harsher
> in not recommending the images :)


The original site evolved over a couple of weeks with input from quite
a few people, so I think it would not do them honour to completely
reorganize it!

The big plus of the original site, IMHO, was that *all* the choices
were there on just one page, and people seemed to like that. That page
didn't even get very big - so why should one split it apart?!

Another point: You've added another click on the way from / to the
image download. That is _completely_unnecessary_!

Furthermore - the navigation bar now contains a mix of links going to
pages that are separate according to you, so were you going to change
it, if so, how? And, people wanting to use jigdo or the pik never see
the "Latest CD image release is XX", were you going to duplicate it on
those pages? Furthermore, IMHO adding a link to "jigdo" WITHIN the
text of the bullet for "http/ftp download" may confuse the visitor. 
Oh, and why is "http-ftp" one part of your separation, and
"jigdo/pik/netinstCD/vendors" the other? That's quite subjective, and
e.g. "http-ftp/jigdo/pik" plus "netinstCD/vendors" is just as good -
what's the POINT of the separation?!

Um, so in a nutshell - will you delegate managing the CD image
*content* to me? After all, that's what I volunteered for, but I'm
getting the impression I'm not needed. (If I'm not, then that's fine
with me; just state so.)


  Richard, off to get some sleep the lack of which probably made this
           sound harsher than he intended.

PS: Phil, I can't seem to deliver via direct SMTP to hands.com -
please change the cdimage HTTP forwarding, it makes cdimage/~atterer/
etc. inaccessible.
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