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Re: web pages

On Tue, Jan 01, 2002 at 04:17:57AM +0100, Josip Rodin wrote:
> In case nobody noticed already... http://www.debian.org/CD/images/

Great! First of all, many thanks for doing the initial conversion to
WML, Josip! I'll gladly take over from here and fix the remaining
little things (broken images etc), but before that, some "bigger"
things:  ;)

- The content should really, really be at /CD/ instead of /CD/images/,
  and /CD/vendors should be one part of that, i.e. should replace the
  "buy" page. The replacement site is not just about CD _images_, the
  CD vendors page fits nicely below it. Do you agree?

- The "Debian on CD" link on the main page should point to /CD/.

- As Wookey mentioned, some stuff from my version of the "net-install"
  page is missing. Even if you made use of this elsewhere, it should
  still remain here as an introduction to someone who is only
  half-convinced that a net install is the right thing for him, or who
  doesn't yet know about net installs from floppy. (I'll fix this
  myself if you have no objections.) BTW, what is the best page to
  link to for "install from floppy"?

- Bottom-left navigation: At least the debian-cd@lists mail address
  should be there. Can I change the navigation to something like this:

  The Debian CD team[mailto link]             Debian Homepage - Debian on CD:
  Last modified: ...              faq/jigdo/http_ftp/buy/net_install/pik/misc
  (C)... SPI; see license terms

- /Pics/debian.jpg is quite ugly because it's so blurred. Jpeg isn't
  the right format for an image like that - erm, I hope it doesn't
  sound too arrogant if I kindly request that it be replaced with a
  gif or png for all of Debian sometime...?

All the best,


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  |_) /|  Richard Atterer     |  CS student at the Technische  |  GnuPG key:
  | \/¯|  http://atterer.net  |  Universität München, Germany  |  0x888354F7
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