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Re: web pages

On Tue, Jan 01, 2002 at 11:45:21PM +0100, Richard Atterer wrote:
> - The content should really, really be at /CD/ instead of /CD/images/,
>   and /CD/vendors should be one part of that, i.e. should replace the
>   "buy" page. The replacement site is not just about CD _images_, the
>   CD vendors page fits nicely below it. Do you agree?

What you're saying has merit... I'll move the index and artwork, jigdo-cd,
pik and netinst subdirs to ... (That was .. and then a full-stop. :)

> - The "Debian on CD" link on the main page should point to /CD/.

When the above is done (give me five minutes :).

> - As Wookey mentioned, some stuff from my version of the "net-install"
>   page is missing. Even if you made use of this elsewhere, it should
>   still remain here as an introduction to someone who is only
>   half-convinced that a net install is the right thing for him, or who
>   doesn't yet know about net installs from floppy.

I don't get it, what do the CD pages have to do with network installs from

> - Bottom-left navigation: At least the debian-cd@lists mail address
>   should be there. Can I change the navigation to something like this:
>   The Debian CD team[mailto link]             Debian Homepage - Debian on CD:
>   Last modified: ...              faq/jigdo/http_ftp/buy/net_install/pik/misc
>   (C)... SPI; see license terms

Yeah, I thought about this, but it required another slice (that string
is translatable) and I was lazy. :)

> - /Pics/debian.jpg is quite ugly because it's so blurred. Jpeg isn't
>   the right format for an image like that - erm, I hope it doesn't
>   sound too arrogant if I kindly request that it be replaced with a
>   gif or png for all of Debian sometime...?

It's not that blurred, really. Although, I did at one time think about using
Raul's stuff from the GNU/art site, which is much more, er, how do you say
it, looks like it was generated with a good ray tracer.

I guess it's time to do something about it. Give me a few hours (minutes?).

Please CC: answers. (This particular mail was too long to use copy&paste,
even, so I had to get it directly from the mail archive.)

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