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Re: usplash in desktop task?

> > IMHO, you need to get that major of users will be coming from Windows
> > World and then those "ugly texts while booting" worry them much more
> > then helps.
>         Are those our primary target audience?

Yes. Mine at least.

They are part of our target, either directly or indirectly. In this
very moment, various places in the world are either moving towards
free software or are in the process of moving towards free software.

As I personnally believe, just like you of course, that Debian is the
most appropriate way to use free software, I want them to use Debian

And a part of the job for convincing those people and the people who
decide in these places, is to make our "product" appealing *in
addition* of being technically excellent.

The challenge for us, as always, is to make it appealing *without*
losing other parts of our user base (the one who prefers more
informative, though uglier, boot sequences). *that* should be
challenging for all of us, whether or not we like nice boot
screens. :-)

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