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Re: usplash in desktop task?

On Wed, 09 May 2007 09:58:55 -0300, Otavio Salvador <otavio@debian.org> said: 

> Well, I respect your opinion while I continue to disagree. We ought to
> attract the user and look-and-feel makes difference.

        Why? Why should we try to be the microsoft of the Linux world?
 Why should we put attracting users above everything else, such as
 retaining our current technically qualified userbase?

        This begins to sound like shot sighted corporate behaviour, when
 they are watching stock markets.

> IMHO, you need to get that major of users will be coming from Windows
> World and then those "ugly texts while booting" worry them much more
> then helps.

        Are those our primary target audience?

>>> If we'll start to use the hackism way of doing things while
>>> selecting what's being installed by default I would then choose dwm
>>> (instead of GNOME) and add some SCMs too ;-)
>> I think that xdm and arch/tla are good things to have, yes.

> Come on! For a regular user? Instead add kdm/gdm, cvs and
> subversion. arch/tla is used by a too "select" group of people. ;-)

        I still think we should be looking for excellence, not mere
 popularity.  It is my belief that options I mentioned are superior to
 the ones I deprecated. YMMV. But while what is superior is a matter of
 subjective opinion, the principle that excellence is a goal to be put
 above pandering to popularity is not.

>>> Well, maybe because majority of users start to use a system because
>>> they think it's beautiful and neat? :-D
>> Why should we be courting the airheads?

> Because people has freedom to want a neat and beautiful system? This
> is the majority of our users and remember: The users are the priority.

        Why are the airhead users, as opposed to techical users, the

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