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Re: lenny d-i confused about disk detection

On Wednesday 09 May 2007 22:14, John Morrissey wrote:
> > It looks like the utility 'parted_devices' is not returning any
> > output. What do you get if you run that command on VT2 after the
> > first time the disk detection phase is executed?
> ~ # parted_devices
> Floating point exception

OK. That at least narrows down the problem and explains the three times 
that error was listed in your log.

Note that parted_devices works perfectly if I run it in an install using 
newly built netboot image in VMWare (i386).
I also see that your image is not all that recent as it still uses a 
2.6.18 kernel while we switched to 2.6 20 on April 24.

> I don't have an easy way to copy this output right now (network-console
> seems unusable outside of the daily builds due to #288053 AFAICT?)

No, that has never made it impossible to use network-console. You just 
have to select its menu item manually.
But you can also use scp (after installing the open-ssh-client component) 
or save the output to /var/log/ and use the "save debug logs" option, or 
even use 'nc' (netcat), or use a USB stick, or ...
We have loads of ways to get stuff out of and into the installer :-)

We're just fixing an issue that has made it impossible to create new daily 
builds. I suggest you try again in a day or three using a daily built 
image and file a full installation report if it still does not work then 
(after checking that the image indeed uses a new D-I image and uses 


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