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Compiling udebs and creating cdrom images


As you probably have noticed, I'm trying out debian-installer in funny ways.
This time I wanted to do was compile a cdrom image, however I failed and have
some questions. If you can spare a little time, I'd really appreciate you help.

- Are the pkglists in cvs up to date?
  They seem to include cdrom-checker which is uninstallable because it doesn't
  depend on cdebconf-udeb but on cdebconf.) I noticed that the autobuild logs
  (which unfortunately don't have the statistics in the end) seem to include
  a smaller set of packages.
  (Of course, if you don't have the time to explain, but have scripts for
   doing things, (a pointer to) the scripts would also be appreciated.)
- How are udebs properly compiled? While creating a patch to get a
  slang udeb (for nano) I noticed that a rather plain dh_shlibdeps is used in
  libpango, however I'm at a loss at how to make it use the -udeb dependencies
  rather than the full ones (e.g. libc6-udeb instead of libc6 (>>...)).
- Are the cd-images still created using debian-cd? (Not that I did find any
  evidence why they shoudln't, but I'm just courious.)

Thanks in advance


BTW: If you have (semi-) useful tasks to hand out to newbies, I'd be glad to see
if I can return something for the time you spend on helping me with my
questions. I know my skills and knowledge are rather limited, but they always
tell you to see about helping debian-installer and I guess everything I try with
my own motivation either causes more work for the developers than helping them
(e.g. the sudo in the make floppy_images)) or is plainly useless (as with the
slang udebs - it is my understanding that the request for properly renaming pic
files obsoletes the want for udebs, but I may be mistaken).

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