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Re: udeb priority issues

fre 2003-02-28 klockan 21.22 skrev Emile van Bergen:
> I mean, "tasksel"?! No offense, but I highly doubt that a sane installer
> really needs something like tasksel to select which installer modules
> should be downloaded at run time before doing the actual installation.

I'd much prefer tasksel to dselect :) if we want to use analogies.
Currently anna asks about individual modules, since there are just so
***ing many of them I want to simplify this, and tasks is one of my
ideas, I welcome others. :)

> Personally, I'd be just as happy if you'd have to choose between
> network-enabled and media-only installs at installer build time. Nobody
> will complain that he'll need specific floppies, instead of having one
> set that is so smart it can bootstrap itself out of every situation
> using a two-stage system.

So we'd have the 1.44M netfloppy, the 1.44M cd floppy, the 2.88M image
for CDs and another 2.88M image for netinst CD? Fine by me.

I don't want the user to have to choose the network installation task, I
want it to be installed automatically on a netinst CD and forgotten on a
non-netinst CD (on a netfloppy they'll all already be installed).


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