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Re: BOGL bterm

Ben Collins <bcollins@debian.org>:

> > I wonder if the offset is caused by a scrolling facility. Is it a
> > constant offset, or a random one? If it's random, perhaps all that is
> > needed is for some quantity to be reset when the frame buffer is
> > initialised. /usr/src/linux/drivers/video/fbcon.c - search for
> > "scroll" - has some clues to what sort of mechanisms exist, but I
> > don't know much about it myself.
> It is random. And I do believe it has to do with scroll. Note, this is an
> ATI Mach64 Card (UltraSPARC 5), so to be honest, I have no idea how the
> standard sun framebuffers work. I'm pretty sure they work similarly
> though.

What happens if in bogl.c, after the mmap and just before "kbd_init
();", you do something like "bogl_frame += fb_var.yoffset *

If I ever want my bterm to scroll at a reasonable speed then I should
probably try to understand this. At the moment I just redraw the whole


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