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Re: [boot-floppies] `mke2fs' and new Linux 2.2 ext2 features ?

On Sun, Jan 30, 2000 at 08:01:52AM +0000, Alexander Koch wrote:
> > Because you have a computer that wont reliably run 2.2.x without
> > crashing?
> You are a minority. I don't care about 2.0.x and everyone
> not updating is the expert since he knows what he needs. You
> cannot tell me the default when upgrading will be 2.0 when
> 2.4 is out in some weeks / months. That's not reasonable.
> Even if it works the average Linux user is upgrading from
> time to time, because it's Linux. ;-) (if it ain't broke we
> fix it)

Many people are running Debian on those boxes that would have been thrown
away if we had to use M$ SO's. I have a productive Slink box running in a
386Dx 40, with 8 megs of RAM. I would like to use Potato in it, and still
use my stripped down kernel 2.0 in it. I'm sure many will argue, but I find
my limited memory is better used with 2.0.38 than with any 2.2. I definitely
don't want Potato to be know as the Debian release that prevented 386's from
running an up-to-date Debian.

> Alexander,
> who has heard of two ppl stating 2.2.x crashed in about a year
> only in dozens of newsgroups

True, 2.2 is the prefered kernel for the vast majority of the cases, but
that's not my 386 case or Brian's case.


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