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Re: [boot-floppies] `mke2fs' and new Linux 2.2 ext2 features ?

On Sun, Jan 30, 2000 at 04:45:37PM +0100, Jordi wrote:
> Many people are running Debian on those boxes that would have been thrown
> away if we had to use M$ SO's. I have a productive Slink box running in a
> 386Dx 40, with 8 megs of RAM. I would like to use Potato in it, and still
> use my stripped down kernel 2.0 in it. I'm sure many will argue, but I find
> my limited memory is better used with 2.0.38 than with any 2.2. I definitely
> don't want Potato to be know as the Debian release that prevented 386's from
> running an up-to-date Debian.

1) If you already have debian running on a 386 you probably won't be
installing with boot-floppies, but upgrading, which means you keep your
old, 2.0.x-compatible filesystems.

2) For the rare person who wants to do a new potato installation with a
2.0.x kernel, it would be perfectly possible (and reasonable (and maybe
already necessary?)) to write a short document telling what to turn on
and turn off and how to do it, and maybe reference it from the main
installation documents.

Thus we can avoid denying the majority of people, who will run 2.2.x
only, the benefits of the new ext2fs features.  (I don't know what the
benefits are offhand, but these things must have been introduced for
some reason.)

ObDisclaimer: I'm not (yet) a Debian maintainer.

James Deikun, Techie(tm), CSI Multimedia
The opinions expressed &c.

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