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[boot-floppies] `mke2fs' and new Linux 2.2 ext2 features ?

>>>>> "Adam" == Adam Di Carlo <adam@onshore.com> writes:

    Adam> Thanks for your comments.  I have changed the system as
    Adam> follows:
    Adam>   [... code snip elided ...]
    Adam> Thus, 2.0 compat is retained by default.

    Adam> As you can see, the question is only answered if the verbose
    Adam> flag is passed.

 I don't agree with this change.  I would rather it get asked always,
 and that the default is for the button that enables the new features
 and rejects Linux 2.0 compatability be highlighted by default, so
 that pressing [Enter] will take that branch, [Tab][Enter] will turn
 off the new filesystem features.  Perhaps the quiet flag would then
 take the default of enable the new features.

 `potato' will come with a 2.2.x kernel.  Why would anyone want to run
 a 2.0 kernel with it?

    Adam> I guess it could be argued that this question should be
    Adam> asked by default but I don't really think it should.  What
    Adam> we're talking about here is whether mke2fs enables the
    Adam> following features, from the man page:

    Adam> The following features are supported: sparse_super, which
    Adam> cause the filesystem to use sparse superblocks, and
    Adam> filetype, which will cause the filesystem to store file type
    Adam> information in directory entries.

 What advantage are the new features?  What do they provide us with?
 Do they make the filesystem more efficient?  What do they do?

    Adam> I don't think anyone but experts should care, thus these
    Adam> features are inhibited unless the verbose flag is passed>

 Perhaps we should ask the technical committee what they think?  I'm
 Cc'ing to debian-mentors.  Mentors?  Please advise.  We're hanging
 out on debian-boot@lists and IRC #debian-boot.

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