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Re: starting a CDD on Etch

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On 11/26/2006 03:15 PM, Andreas Tille wrote:
> On Sat, 25 Nov 2006, João Paulo Just wrote:


>> Yes. I already tried it before, but I need to try more, because I had a
>> very little experience with Debian-BR CDD. You say they are reinventing
>> the wheel, tell me why (your opinions about it). I don't want to fall
>> into the same mistake.
> Oh no - my fault.  The Debian-BR project is great and they do
> quite reasonable stuff.  I just want you to cooperate with these
> people because they might know your problems best and help you
> the best.  They are really great and helpful people and it would
> be a waste of time to try to solve problems they just have solved.
> The only thing I would wish them to change is that they also would
> try to move their stuff to official Debian (and become a CDD in
> the sense of http://wiki.debian.org/CustomDebian).

	We are ready to do that. :)

	We had some problems during the development cycle of our
first version and we didn't feel confident to upload the -br-cdd
package to Debian archives.

	The new version is being prepared and the point number 1
is get it in shape so we can include it in Debian. But during the
development cycles we keep all other recommendations and rules to
keep it a CDD, the last point is the upload to the official Debian
archive and, hopefully, we will fix that soon.

>> Thanks for the help. You are clarifying many things to me. :)
> You are welcome.  I think the best idea would be to subscribe
> to a debian-br mailing list and try to coordinate things there.


	This is the Brazilian development list for Debian-BR-CDD,
we speak Brazilian Portuguese on that list and you can find the
entire team there.

> Kind regards
>        Andreas.

	Kind regards,

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