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Re: starting a CDD on Etch

On Sat, 25 Nov 2006, João Paulo Just wrote:

Nice.  Why not trying to include into Debian what is missing according
to your opinion?

It would be nice. But how could I do this?


This answers the question how to take part in Debian development.
I have no idea whether your changes rather qualify for bug reports
severity wishlist with a patch to certain packages or whether you
would like to maintain separate packages.  In this case you will
need a sponsor and the procedure is described at the URL above.

This is my intention, to do things inside Debian. I'm just customizing
Debian to my CDD.

"Inside Debian" means it is available from the Debian mirror.

Yes. I already tried it before, but I need to try more, because I had a
very little experience with Debian-BR CDD. You say they are reinventing
the wheel, tell me why (your opinions about it). I don't want to fall
into the same mistake.

Oh no - my fault.  The Debian-BR project is great and they do
quite reasonable stuff.  I just want you to cooperate with these
people because they might know your problems best and help you
the best.  They are really great and helpful people and it would
be a waste of time to try to solve problems they just have solved.
The only thing I would wish them to change is that they also would
try to move their stuff to official Debian (and become a CDD in
the sense of http://wiki.debian.org/CustomDebian).

Thanks for the help. You are clarifying many things to me. :)

You are welcome.  I think the best idea would be to subscribe
to a debian-br mailing list and try to coordinate things there.

Kind regards



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