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Re: starting a CDD on Etch

João Paulo Just <jp@justsoft.com.br> writes:

>> Whether you are on the right way does not depend from the name you
>> gave your baby.  So according our definition it is no CDD - whether
>> you are on the right way can only be decided if you tell us more
>> about your project.
> Well. My intention is to make a distribution which is easy to end users
> in Brazil, in a way that they can just install it with the default
> options and get the system working alright. But also, I want to provide
> some packages required by a government program which cuts taxes for
> computers sellers. So, if a manufacturer sells a computer with my future
> CDD installed on it, they don't have to pay all the usual taxes for this
> selling.

Hello Joao,

I'm member of Debian-BR-CDD project and I do think that would be
better if you can join our effort instead of creating another desktop
target system. We're starting the development of 2.0 series that
will be Etch based and bring GNOME and KDE as alternatives.

Would be great if we could talk even by phone to me explain it better
to you.

Call me at +55 (brazil) 53 32251782 at working time. Then we can talk

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