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Re: starting a CDD on Etch

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Andreas Tille wrote:
> On Fri, 24 Nov 2006, [ISO-8859-1] João Paulo Just wrote:
>> I have the same question about building a CDD. I already started it,
>> from etch. Created some meta-packages by hand (with dpkg) to install
>> some packages my CDD will provide/need and also, I created some packages
>> for my CDD (GTK theme, GDM theme, my CDD kernel with bootsplash, etc.).
> Nice.  Why not trying to include into Debian what is missing according
> to your opinion?

It would be nice. But how could I do this?

> But the idea is to make the enhancements INSIDE Debian to
> avoid reinventing the wheel over and over again.

This is my intention, to do things inside Debian. I'm just customizing
Debian to my CDD. I always avoid reinventing the wheel, when the wheel
is working very nicely. I just reinvent it when I can do better or when
I just want to learn. :)

> Whether you are on the right way does not depend from the name you
> gave your baby.  So according our definition it is no CDD - whether
> you are on the right way can only be decided if you tell us more
> about your project.

Well. My intention is to make a distribution which is easy to end users
in Brazil, in a way that they can just install it with the default
options and get the system working alright. But also, I want to provide
some packages required by a government program which cuts taxes for
computers sellers. So, if a manufacturer sells a computer with my future
CDD installed on it, they don't have to pay all the usual taxes for this

>> I think I need some advices. :P
> So you should ask a question that might trigger a helpful answer. ;-))

Yeah! My bad. :P

>> PS.: The installer is being a problem too. I wrote a shell script to
>> install the system (copy the whole thing to a hard drive partition).
> But *what* exactly is the problem.

The problem is: I don't know how to use debian=installer yet. But don't
worry, I'm in the beggining, there's too much to learn yet.

> Are you aware of the Debian Brasil project
>      http://debian-br.alioth.debian.org/  ?
> I'm smelling another wheel invention ...

Yes. I already tried it before, but I need to try more, because I had a
very little experience with Debian-BR CDD. You say they are reinventing
the wheel, tell me why (your opinions about it). I don't want to fall
into the same mistake.

> Kind regards
>            Andreas.

Thanks for the help. You are clarifying many things to me. :)

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