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Re: starting a CDD on Etch

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I have the same question about building a CDD. I already started it,
from etch. Created some meta-packages by hand (with dpkg) to install
some packages my CDD will provide/need and also, I created some packages
for my CDD (GTK theme, GDM theme, my CDD kernel with bootsplash, etc.).

But, I have ideas to develop some helper applications, so the ordinary
user can configure the system just clicking buttons (Debian and GNOME
have some, but I think I'll need some more).

My doubts are about "what can be considered a CDD". What I'm actually
doing is: creating some packages and using them with Debian etch. Is
this a CDD? Am I on the right way?

I think I need some advices. :P

PS.: The installer is being a problem too. I wrote a shell script to
install the system (copy the whole thing to a hard drive partition).

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