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Re: starting a CDD on Etch

On Fri, 24 Nov 2006, Tzafrir Cohen wrote:

cdd-dev seems like a candidate. It has nice sample configs. But I fail
to figure out what program generates a CD from those configs.

cdd-dev and the general philosophy of Custom Debian Distributions
is explained at


If you read this paper it is actually not really the goal to
make a separate CD but stay completely inside Debian. I hate
the day when we have choosen the missleading name "Custom
Debian Distributions" because everybody interprets it as
"something else than Debian obtained from Debian as primary
source".  But our goal is to stay inside Debian and make
Debian itself fit for your special use case.

debian-cd? But none of those packages depend on debian-cd

Not yet.  It is a future goal to prepare preconfigured
installation disks to use a different subset of the Debian
pool on your CDD installation disk or even prepare a live

How do I start building a CDD in Etch? Will the packages from Etch do?

Well, to have another CDD _inside_ etch it will be to late
because as I tried to explain a CDD lives inside Debian and
we are in the final stage of the release cycle.

My general observation is that the usual misunderstanding
to take Debian and make something else from it by customizing
it for your personal need is a good way to reach short term
goals.  If you want to go the way for the brave people to
build a CDD in the sense we defined above it is a real bunch
of grunt work to build a micro cosmos in the Debian community,
drive some web space inside the www.debian.org hierarchy, run
a mailing list, care for inclusion of special applications
inside Debian.  It is up to you to decide about your goal
and we would be happy if you would share your ideas to enable
us to give you some hints.  As you might have detected there
is some work left in the cdd framework and we are looking
for people who want to solve this kind of problems once and
for ever and not always again for every separate project
that tries to do things outside Debian.

Kind regards



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