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Re: Ruby Package Backports

Am 14.01.2007 um 23:13 schrieb Daniel Baumann:

Manuel Holtgrewe wrote:
  * librmagick-ruby

    doesn't build, needs lowered cdbs build-depends (you had that
already in the previous package, but you have oviously removed it
    for some reason).

I did not realize that the debian/control is overwritten by something
automatically generated from debian/control.in. The package should be
fixed now.

i'm sorry to say, but you should also lower the libmagick build- depends
to match the package in sarge. the libmagick backport is not required.

Do you have a script that determines this that I could use to check this kind of things or do you look this up manually?

I changed the build dependency to libmagick6-dev, the same one as in stable.

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