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Re: Ruby Package Backports

Manuel Holtgrewe wrote:
>>   * librmagick-ruby
>>     doesn't build, needs lowered cdbs build-depends (you had that
>>     already in the previous package, but you have oviously removed it
>>     for some reason).
> I did not realize that the debian/control is overwritten by something
> automatically generated from debian/control.in. The package should be
> fixed now.

i'm sorry to say, but you should also lower the libmagick build-depends
to match the package in sarge. the libmagick backport is not required.

>>   * libpgsql-ruby
>>     we do build backports against plain sarge, and only as few as
>>     possible other against other backports. so, replace the libpq-dev
>>     build-depends with postgresql-dev.
> Done.

good, uploaded.

> I moved the other packages into the uploaded directory.


> Thanks for your time.

welcome :)

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