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Re: Ruby Package Backports

Am 14.01.2007 um 16:30 schrieb Daniel Baumann:

Manuel Holtgrewe wrote:
I am a bit confused.

Could you check whether my updated ruby-pkg-tools package is correct?

i already did this, see one of the previous mails.

You wrote that I should revert the package in your email from yesterday. I updated the package about 2-3 hours ago. Did you have a look at the ruby-pkg-tools package yet? The files' names created by pbuilder are now:


The missing "-1" seems to indicate that this is a native package now.

i uploaded ruby1.8 and rake, please move them into another directory,
makes it easier for me to keep the overview.

Do you mean ruby1.8_1.8.5-4~bpo.1_i386.deb only or all packages built from the ruby1.8 source package? I assumed the latter and moved the appropriate files into the subdirectory "uploaded".



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