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Re: Ruby Package Backports

Hi, Daniel.

You can find the rebuilt packages here:



a general note first: some of the orig.tar.gz do not match the ones
available on ftp.debian.org, please make always sure those have the same
md5/sha1 hashes.

They should now. I used dpkg-source on the extracted .orig tarball instead of using it directly on the .orig tarball.

  * the package is a native package, but you build a non-native one.
    please revert.

Can you explain to me what I did wrong? I thought the only difference between a native and non-native package is that it has a "package version", i.e. a dash after the program's version.

  * you changelog is strange:

    - normally, you write something like '* Rebuild for sarge.'
or similar, but not '* Creating changelog entry to set version and
      release for backport.'

    - the bottom line of a changelog entry should be:
      '-- $name <$email> $date' and not '-- <$email> $date'.

I fixed this.

  * additionally you /replaced/ the previous changelog entry in the
    package, instead of adding your own new one on top of it.

Should be fixed now.



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