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Re: Ruby Package Backports

Manuel Holtgrewe wrote:
> I updated the package about 2-3 hours ago. Did you have a look at the
> ruby-pkg-tools package yet?


> The files' names created by pbuilder are now:
>   ruby-pkg-tools_0.11.4.tar.gz
>   ruby-pkg-tools_0.11.4~bpo.1.diff.gz
>   ruby-pkg-tools_0.11.4~bpo.1.dsc
>   ruby-pkg-tools_0.11.4~bpo.1.orig.tar.gz
>   ruby-pkg-tools_0.11.4~bpo.1_all.deb
>   ruby-pkg-tools_0.11.4~bpo.1_i386.changes
> The missing "-1" seems to indicate that this is a native package now.

no, /either/ you build a native package /or/ you build a non native one.

means, you either have (orig.tar.gz + diff.gz + dsc) or (tar.gz + dsc).
now, if you check your *.changes file, you see, that it includes a
*.orig.tar.gz and diff.gz which makes it non-native, but the original
package in debian is a native one.

>> i uploaded ruby1.8 and rake, please move them into another directory,
>> makes it easier for me to keep the overview.
> Do you mean ruby1.8_1.8.5-4~bpo.1_i386.deb only or all packages built
> from the ruby1.8 source package? I assumed the latter and moved the
> appropriate files into the subdirectory "uploaded".

ruby1.8 source packages and all binary packages build by that one.

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