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Re: Ruby Package Backports

Manuel Holtgrewe wrote:
> I think they would be useful to a lot of people. For example to those
> who want to deploy their Ruby on Rails applications on Debian stable
> systems. I know a lot of people who would want to do this but would have
> to compile their own Ruby at the moment and thus use other systems to
> deploy to.

sure, usefull on debian stable. the question was actually more, if it
makes sense to provide backports of them now that etch is going to be
released as the new stable soon.

however, then i'll have a look at your packages now... (separat mail)

> I also read that I should track any changes done to the packages in
> unstable. What's the most elegant way to do this? Do I have to subscribe
> to debian-devel-all and all its traffic?

just subscribe to the packages through the package tracking system at

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