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Ruby Package Backports


I noticed that there are no Ruby packages in the backports.org repository yet. I would like to volunteer for providing backports of some of them. I have been able to backport the following source packages:

  * ruby1.8
  * ruby-pkg-tools
  * libgems-ruby1.8
  * rake
  * libsqlite3-ruby
  * libpgsql-ruby1.8
  * librmagick-ruby1.8

the last three packages are linked against sqlite, postgresql and imagemagick from backports.org. I use something like the following lines to backport each package:


rm -rf ~/src/debian/ruby1.8
mkdir -p ~/src/debian/ruby1.8
pushd ~/src/debian/ruby1.8

apt-get source ruby1.8
# getting packges for ruby1.8-1.8.5-4

# modify the package a bit
mv ruby1.8-1.8.4 ruby1.8-1.8.5.rod
pushd ruby1.8-1.8.5.rod/debian
dch --newversion "1.8.5-5~bpo.1" --distribution sarge-backports \
  "Adjusting package for Rails On Debian"
popd # ruby1.8-1.8.5.rod/debian

# now, get an orig directory
tar -xzf ruby1.8_1.8.5.orig.tar.gz
dpkg-source -b ruby1.8-1.8.5.rod ruby1.8-1.8.5.orig
sudo pbuilder build ruby1.8_1.8.5-5~bpo.1.dsc

# build the package
popd # ~/src/debian/ruby1.8


Are you interested in me providing you with the Ruby packages?

Is my backporting process sane? (Note that I increase the *-4 version to *-5 so I am able to append ~bpo.1 to it and dch does not scream at me).

Best regards,

Manuel Holtgrewe

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