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Re: modern cheap NAS fully supported by Debian? - slightly OT

On Fri, 27 Jul 2012 09:03:15 +0100
Tim Fletcher <tim@night-shade.org.uk> allegedly wrote:
> Even powerful modern x86 boxes are still CPU bound with scp so as
> Tixy says adding scp to the mix complicates the testing.
> For example I get roughly USB2 wire-speed (30mb/s ish) from my
> iconnect over iscsi, AoE or nfs but much slower if I use scp or rsync
> over ssh. --

OK, OK, I picked a bad test. 

For comparison, here are the results copying from NFS and CIFS mounts
alongside the original scp test figures.

		scp		NFS		CIFS	

slug		1.3 MB/s	3.9 MB/s	4.2 MB/s

DNS 320 	3.6 MB/s	7.6 MB/s	5.6 MB/s

I confess I am puzzled by the difference between the two devices using
CIFS. I have repeated the tests and get the same results. It seems odd
that CIFS should be faster than NFS on the slug, but so much slower on
the DNS. I guess that may be down to implementation (or version)


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