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modern cheap NAS fully supported by Debian?

Sorry list, I can imagine this question has been asked many  times,  but
the answer  changes  with  time  and  browsing  this  list  and  related
resources I cannot find a sufficiently  recent  (let's  say  <  1  year)
answer to it.

I gave up on my NSLU 2 which seems irremediably broken (my guess is that
the RAM is botched) and I would like to buy another NAS  in  that  price
range or whereabouts. And of course, I would like to be able  to  run  a
full Debian system on it. Debian  Squeeze  would  be  fine,  but  I  can
install Woody if need be. What do you think is a good  buy?  To  qualify
further my question, I was looking at something like the XTreamer ETrayz
http://www.xtreamer.net/etrayz/specs.aspx, but that machine is no longer
in production and I don't even know if Debian can be installed over it.

Thank you for all your replies,


Nicola Bernardini
e-mail: nic.bern@tiscali.it
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