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Re: modern cheap NAS fully supported by Debian?

On 07/20/2012 05:42 AM, Nicola Bernardini wrote:
I gave up on my NSLU 2 which seems irremediably broken (my guess is that
the RAM is botched) and I would like to buy another NAS  in  that  price
range or whereabouts. And of course, I would like to be able  to  run  a
full Debian system on it. Debian  Squeeze  would  be  fine,  but  I  can
install Woody if need be. What do you think is a good  buy?

I like Marvell Kirkwood based boxes. You have everything from the more expensive guruplug down to cheaper pogoplug v2 and dockstar. GoFlex Home and GoFlex Net only have one usb port, but comes with one or two sata ports. Earlier there where someone selling just the base for GoFlex Homes on ebay really cheap. At least if you're living in the US.

http://forum.doozan.com/ is a good source for Debian on those machines.


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