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Re: [Arm-netbook] ARM port(s) BoF at DebConf

tis 2012-07-24 klockan 00:02 +0100 skrev Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton:
>  rright.  many thanks to the person on arm-netbooks who found that the
> netgear ReadyNAS boxes can take standard DDR3 SO-DIMMs.
>  apparently there are lots of people who have been upgrading them from
> the pathetic 256mb they come with to at least 1gb, with some degree of
> success:
>   http://www.readynas.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=110&t=49254

That thread is for DUO v1 only (LEON SPARC based).

I have not seen any claims that DUO v2 can be upgraded before the post
on this mailinglist. Only numerous claims and complaints about it not
being upgradeable, and wrote it off as "not interesting" when it came ot
due to being restricted to 256MB.


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