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Re: newby trying to go debian

Len, sure it is better to know in depth every version, model no,
specificites of the hardware one owns, but hey, this is all about
necessity. if one needs this level of detail, as i am facing the need
now that i want to go linux, and maximize performance, i will pay
attention to it. but, and that was the case when i bought my machine,
if you run windows + photoshop + premiere, you just want a bloody fast
machine that do the job. doesnt matter if it is chipset x or y, since
windows will fail anyway to get the best out of it.  :&
anyway, you are really right, and i do know more or less what is the
machine's conf:

Asus A8V-MX via K8M800
Atlhon 64 3200+ 2.2
2.048 Gb RAM DDR 400
SATA 160 Gb seagate barracuda 7200
ATI agp Radeon 256
Samsung Syncmaster 997MB

i will try the cat /proc/ commands later to have a more comprehensive
thanks all again

On 1/30/07, Lennart Sorensen <lsorense@csclub.uwaterloo.ca> wrote:
On Tue, Jan 30, 2007 at 04:52:48PM -0200, Rodrigo Alexandre wrote:
> Len, the pppoe module actually do exist in the package. it recognizes
> the network adapter and proceed with authentication, but doesnt
> connect. it's ok to give the full cd a try. didnt do this yet because
> i am away from the comp i'm trying to install etch. but the SATA
> chipset is a piece of info i cant give you. I really dont have a clue.
> How can i get this info? Reading forums yesterday i thought that the
> chipset people were talking about was the mainboard's, not the hd's.
> when installation asks me to choose one of the drivers from the list,
> it lists many different names, i remember there were about 15
> different sata ones, like sata-mv, sata-nv, sata-sis etc etc etc.
> googling them i found lots of info about the mobo's chipset issue,
> that's why i thought it had to do with mobo instead of hd. can
> somebody clarify this for me? anyway, as soon as i get the base system
> running i want to customize my linux install to get the most of my
> machine, so i should start paying a bit more attention to things such
> as chipsets and etc, right? so it would be great if somebody could
> spot me how to find out more about it... is there a command that
> rescues all hardware specs or do i have to gather it myself through
> manual ways (with 'manual' i mean unscrewing the hd to check info on
> the label...)

I guess I am weird in expecting people actually know what hardware they

The chipset in question would be part of the mainboard, or in some cases
an add in controller.  Unless you bought a name brand system, you should
ahve a manual for the motherboard, which should identify at least the
brand and model of it.  If it is a name brand, then it is possible to
find out based on the exact brand and model of the machine.  Do you know
either of those?

The HD really doesn't have much to do with it, as long as it doesn't
happen to be a model that isn't liked by a particular chipset, but most
of those problems seem to have been resolved by now.

Len Sorensen

Rodrigo Alexandre
(19) 8112-8252

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