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Re: newby trying to go debian

dam and micha, really nice to count on your individual experience,
that's what i like most in this linux environment, that people do
support each other and this way things get solved in a much more solid
ground. it's been some time now i want to go linux, have tried some
distros (ubuntu, ubuntu 64) but had problems in the very basics and
couldnt spend so much time on learning and tweaking, because i had
tons of work to do and my windows was at least running all the softs i
needed (of course not optimized and surely wasting hardware
availability) to get my work done.
now i should have an extra time for learning and googling and mIRCing,
and of course playing with some linux distro. although i am a complete
newbie with the penguim, i think i will try debian first. if
everything gets real complicated, i might then go for other
user-friendly distros. what i think now is that if i have to start
from scratch, why not going with the ideal os?!
i have tried ubuntu 64 but it really didnt work. the whole thing was
very dodgy and i did not feel secure with it. the system was unstable
even during installation. i hope debian is a more robust system, even
though it might be more difficult in the begining.
so the debian version i should try is this "sid" one, right? you say
that debian is easier to customize (as opposed to ball and chain), but
i didnt understand why then the stable version is frozen, i mean, why
then cant i install the newest codecs in the stable (and "frozen"
according to micha) version?
this thing about running windows at the same time: is it a real
advantage, both systems will run at full speed and without the danger
of crash? i mean, how safe and useful is that?
and just another question, if i burn this internet installation cd
image, can i easily connect via pppoe during installation to continue
with it? i mean, i need authentication to connect to the internet,
will i be able to do so during installation?

thanks again,

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