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Re: newby trying to go debian

Len, the pppoe module actually do exist in the package. it recognizes
the network adapter and proceed with authentication, but doesnt
connect. it's ok to give the full cd a try. didnt do this yet because
i am away from the comp i'm trying to install etch. but the SATA
chipset is a piece of info i cant give you. I really dont have a clue.
How can i get this info? Reading forums yesterday i thought that the
chipset people were talking about was the mainboard's, not the hd's.
when installation asks me to choose one of the drivers from the list,
it lists many different names, i remember there were about 15
different sata ones, like sata-mv, sata-nv, sata-sis etc etc etc.
googling them i found lots of info about the mobo's chipset issue,
that's why i thought it had to do with mobo instead of hd. can
somebody clarify this for me? anyway, as soon as i get the base system
running i want to customize my linux install to get the most of my
machine, so i should start paying a bit more attention to things such
as chipsets and etc, right? so it would be great if somebody could
spot me how to find out more about it... is there a command that
rescues all hardware specs or do i have to gather it myself through
manual ways (with 'manual' i mean unscrewing the hd to check info on
the label...)

On 1/30/07, Lennart Sorensen <lsorense@csclub.uwaterloo.ca> wrote:
On Tue, Jan 30, 2007 at 01:55:47PM -0200, Rodrigo Alexandre wrote:
> hi all again. i'm just posting here to keep you informed what's been
> since the last messages. the saga is still in its very begin, but
> seems to succed in a short future.
> so, got a couple of majour problems trying the RC1 (nov 2006) build,
> esp no SATA disk recognition and no pppoe connection, thus impossible
> to carry on the netinst.

Which SATA chipset?

I think pppoe is actually available in expert mode, but I might remember
wrong.  I have never used it for an install.  I have always had another
device handle pppoe during installs.

> i've found a non official weekly build, can't remember the url now,
> but it was something dot jp, that could finally recognize my hard
> drive and proceeded much better with the network conf, but still could
> not connect.

Probably a newer kernel with newer drivers.

> then i decided that i should go for the full cd image, because
> apparently pppoe isnt the smoothest way to go etch. thats exactly
> where this saga is now, downloading the first cd image from the weekly
> build (from debian.org). After the download i should be able to
> install the base system with only the first cd, right?, and download
> other stuff later on, with the machine up and running... at least
> that's what i hope!
> thank you all, i'll feedback you guys as soon as there's something new to
> tell.

Try expert mode and see if you can load an optional pppoe installer

Len Sorensen

Rodrigo Alexandre
(19) 8112-8252

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