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Re: newby trying to go debian

hi all again. i'm just posting here to keep you informed what's been
since the last messages. the saga is still in its very begin, but
seems to succed in a short future.

so, got a couple of majour problems trying the RC1 (nov 2006) build,
esp no SATA disk recognition and no pppoe connection, thus impossible
to carry on the netinst.

i've found a non official weekly build, can't remember the url now,
but it was something dot jp, that could finally recognize my hard
drive and proceeded much better with the network conf, but still could
not connect.

then i decided that i should go for the full cd image, because
apparently pppoe isnt the smoothest way to go etch. thats exactly
where this saga is now, downloading the first cd image from the weekly
build (from debian.org). After the download i should be able to
install the base system with only the first cd, right?, and download
other stuff later on, with the machine up and running... at least
that's what i hope!

thank you all, i'll feedback you guys as soon as there's something new to tell.

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